Analytical essay on their eyes were watching god

Janie finds her desired love with Tea Cake. It is the relationships she had with these three people which makes the story.

Their Eyes Were Watching God Analytical Essay

She experiences different kinds of love throughout her life. Their Eyes Were Watching God serves as a testament to the ability of women to achieve life experience, fulfillment, and happiness; although the novel also asserts that such concepts may not be realized concurrently.

After a hurricane decimates the community and Tea Cake dies, Janie no longer holds the Everglades in the same esteem.

Although Logan was first attracted to her beauty he started to work her harder and treat her poorly.

Their Eyes Were Watching God Critical Essays

With Nanny, her caring grandmother, Janie experiences a love that is protective. The love that Janie experiences with Joe is a possessive love. Hurston created the character of Janie during a time in which African-American female heroines were uncommon in literature.

As time passes, Janie realizes that she will not become the person that she dreamed of becoming while remaining in Eatonville.

In spite of this, Janie truly enjoys her new environment. Because Janie strives for her own independence, others tend to judge her simply because she is daring enough to achieve her own autonomy.

This showcased another relationship that men and woman can get stuck into that can be very painful on the women. As Joe lies dying, Janie reveals to him that he is not the man that she ran off with years ago. With Logan, Janie has attained a similarly protective love, much like that provided by Nanny.

Their Eyes Were Watching God. The employment of two contrasting locations Eatonville and the Everglades illuminates the desire of women to be liberated from the constrictions of society and orthodox gender roles. Nanny is characterized as strong-willed and overbearing. Joe Starks provides Janie with an escape from the protective and unsatisfying love of Logan.

He judges Janie, rather than accepting her for what and who she is. The porch sitters in the novel serve to judge Janie. Her strength builds, and one day she stands up for herself to Joe in the presence of the porch sitters.

Joe is a man with lofty goals and charisma. Although Janie fears that she is too old for Tea Cake, she cannot help but fall in love with this man.

Only after feeling other kinds of love does Janie finally gain the love like that between the bee and the blossom. Her independence grows, however, throughout her marriage to Joe.

Her second husband Jody Starks was vastly different from Logan. After being married just a short time, however, Janie realizes that she is once again lacking the love that she has longed for. For Janie, however, this protective love does not satisfy her need for the love that she has always desired.

Although he banishes Janie from his room, she visits him anyway. She gains strength from the protective love of Nanny and Logan as well as the possessive love of Joe. When the narration commences, prior to the introduction of Eatonville, Janie she is sixteen-years-old and living with her grandmother, Nanny.

He expects Janie to follow his orders, just as the townspeople abide by the laws he creates as mayor. She declares that Tea Cake could be a "bee to a blossom — a pear tree blossom in the spring. As a result of her quest for this love, Janie gains her own independence and personal freedom, which makes her a true heroine in the novel.

Joe forbids Janie to interact with the porch sitters or to play checkers on the porch of the crossroads store."Their Eyes were Watching God" is one of the texts which were written during that time, and Hurston succeeds in presenting the "black protest" literature. The essay offers an analysis of the text in reference to other African American literary works.

Their Eyes Were Watching God Analytical Essay Uploaded by knoxville on Feb 22, The book Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston, does deal with race relations but the primary topic of the book is the difference between men and women.

Their Eyes Were Watching God Analysis

Their Eyes Were Watching God-- Analytical essay essaysIn Their Eyes Were Watching God, there is a lot of symbolism, used especially to represent feelings, thoughts, points of view and even the own lives of the main characters.

May 17,  · please review this. this is worth points. criticism needed. "An envious heart makes a treacherous ear" (Hurston 5). Their Eyes Were Watching God is about Janie, a young, beautiful, African-American woman who wishes to leave her hometown and explore the horizon and fall in Resolved.

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From a general summary to chapter summaries to explanations of famous quotes, the SparkNotes Their Eyes Were Watching God Study Guide has everything you need to ace quizzes, tests, and essays.

Belief in Freedom in Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston - In the novel, Their Eyes Were Watching God, by Zora Neale Hurston, discussed the existence of freedom in life and overcoming the challenges that comes with it.

Analytical essay on their eyes were watching god
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