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Source of Fashion In India, initially people were too much affected and inspired by western culture in matter of fashion. In India, fashion has become a growing industry with international events such as the India Fashion Week and annual shows by fashion designers in the major cities of India.

It brings people belonging to a culture definite highlighting differences with other people. The whole image of a man is not brusque and rough anymore. Fashion in India, a land rich in culture and tradition, has evolved through the centuries.

Clothes have an immense impact on the perception of people around and on the perception of the person wearing them, too. Going to Gym for the fitness is now also the mark and need of fashion.

The young and Essay about fashion young at heart wear Jeans, T-shirts, capris, Bermudas and various kinds of casual clothing, which are the trendsetters of fashion in India. Willing students can do Essay about fashion, bachelor or master degree course with period of one to 4 years in the stream of fashion designing to become a Fashion designer.

This was the moment when fashion appeared. In South India, ladies wear kanjiwaram saree on the occasion of wedding or any festival and men wear a type of sarong with shirts. While previously a master weaver was recognised for his skill, today a fashion designer is celebrated for his or her creativity.

Young urban Indians can choose from the best of East and West as Indian fashion designers are inspired by both Indian and western styles. In the every era, people like fashion. In North India, sarees and salwar suits are preferred by girls and women along with young girls follows the fashion trend by wearing skirts and jeans with shirts or top.

Style of living, style of behaving, type of places where you live, types of food you eat and types of activities you do, all can be changed or modified according to fashion.

Colourful turbans complete the picture. Even also we can say that they set the new trend of fashion for all. Apart from these international sources of fashion, in India glamorous industry and entertainment industry are also the source for new trend of fashion.

By being fashionable and applying clothes or other accessories in right manner actually we express our real identity by looking something different from others. When we talk about girls they are two steps ahead than boys even in matter of fashion. Similarly, We know that mostly things have many disadvantages on the other hand, these things have disadvantages.

Essay on Fashion

A person, especially a women is always greeted according to the way is dressed up. These are styles of outlook personality for teenage to young age girls and boys according to new trend of fashion. It can be acceptance or complete outcast and a misunderstanding. These cities host fashion weeks here where top designers apply and exhibit their new collection on top models worldwide.

The message that clothing contains is basically a way of nonverbal communication with gender, ethical and power aspects.

Fashion always keeps changing and attracts mostly the young age people. This can be simply proved by analyzing the reaction of the people on the street on people wearing different types of clothing.

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The victories of a number of Indian beauty queens in International events such as the Miss World and Miss Universe contests have also made Indian models recognised worldwide.

Why then should one lag behind and submit to the ravages of time and age? The word fashion instantaneously brings to mind a flash of colour with a dash of glamour.

This fusion of fashion can be seen Fashion in India is also beginning to make its mark on the international scene, as accessories such as bindis red dots worn on the foreheadmehendi designs made by applying henna to the palms of the hands and other parts of the body and bangles, have gained international popularity, after being worn by fashion icons, like the pop singers Madonna and Gwen Stefani.

They change their hairstyle according to fashion. It is not about people serving fashion; it is about fashion being a slave of people. They choose the shoes according to their dress color. The type of clothing completely depends on the person who is wearing it; therefore it becomes a reflection of his perception of himself, which leads us to the term — personal identity.

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While traditional clothes are still worn in most of rural India, urban India is changing rapidly, with international fashion trends reflected by the young and glamorous, in the cosmopolitan metros of India.

Thus fashion craze has banished sobriety. They want to look different and fashionable. To vogue or popular life style is called the fashion.

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Free Example of Argumentative Fashion and Identity Sample essay. Database of FREE Fashion essays - We have thousands of free essays across a wide range of subject areas. Sample Fashion essays! Fashion. When you hear that word you may very well think of ditsy supermodels that strut around in thousand dollar name brand pieces of fabric.

Or you could think of movies like Confessions of a. Fashion And Modern Youth. To vogue or popular life style is called the fashion. Modern youth totally depends on fashion mi-centre.comt fashion our life have no taste because we have adopted fashion in each steps in our being cannot live on one we can’t eat same dish everyday likewise,we cannot spend our life on old fashion.

In crude terms fashion is a style of living. There are aristocratic fashions, film-style fashions, peasant class fashions and a kind of fashion known as maverick fashion.

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