How humans impact the ecosystem essay

As our population approaches 7 billion people, the effects of human activities on the ecosystem, including the water, air, land and the life that we share the world with, are almost immeasurable. Infor example, a year old inventor named Boyan Slat, created a device that can sweep the plastic from the ocean.

The seepage of water is responsible for upward movement of ground water. Infor example, a beached whale discovered off the coast of Scotland died because of the amount of plastic it had consumed — about nine pounds of plastic bags were found coiled in its digestive tract.

The increasing human population and the rising level of technology both have become significant factors in the variation in world climate and are responsible for the various changes in atmospheric conditions as well as of air pollution.

In recent years, the greatest attention has been focused on the role of CFCs, the production of which has been rising in last few decades. The loss of reflective ice and increase in water, which absorbs heat, adds to the rising temperatures in a cycle that is predicted to cause ocean levels to rise 1 to 4 feet by The radiations from radioactive substances used in nuclear reactors and nuclear weapons can have significant impact on genetic materials of body DMA, RHA etc.

Others are committing their time and energy to large projects to positively change the ecosystem. Pollution Humans pollute the land, water and air with unwanted refuse.

The commercial and industrial activities associated with mining, construction of dams, fishing, agriculture etc. About 18 million acres of trees are clear-cut every year for wood. In addition to providing better crop yields, modified plants are better able to resist disease and parasites, tolerate more extreme temperatures, or thrive with less water.

The impact of dam- construction is apparent in the form of change in ecosystem and environmental conditions.

Essay on Human Impact on the Natural Environment

In some countries, the smog caused by air pollution is deadly and can block out the sun in a dense haze. As our population continues to increase, humans create more and larger farms, which means removing the dwindling number of forests. E Human Impact on the Waters: The man-made noise due to mechanized automobile, industries, trains, aero planes, social functions etc.

The outcomes of the above human activities have contributed significantly to the degradation of environment around us.

Human Activities that Affect the Ecosystem

In order to provide timber and farm land to increased population, large number of forest trees are cut and forest area is converting to farm lands.

Water is the source of life and right from the origin, human beings are using it for various purposes.

The environmental consequences of dams include subsidence, earthquake triggering, transmission and expansion in the range of organism, the build-up of soil salinity, changes in ground water levels, water logging deforestation, etc. It could clean up half the plastic currently in the Great Pacific Garbage Patch in five years.

Construction of large dams and barrage to control water flow and to give a head of water creates large reservoir from which further evaporation can take place.

This has caused Arctic ice and glaciers to melt and raise ocean levels. Grazing is another activity that can damage soil structure through trampling and compaction.Not all the ways that humans affect the ecosystem are negative.

Every time you recycle used paper, plastic or metal, or pick up a piece of trash from the sidewalk, you have a positive impact on the environment.

Human Impacts on the Ecosystem Essay matters of the ecosystem and the key elements are Carbon, Phosphorus, and The Impact of Humans on the Biological Diversity of Natural Ecosystems Introduction Since humans have come into existence they have always been a cause of change of whatever natural areas they inhabit along.

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In order to meet the basic needs of increases population, the present society has under taken a series of steps like rapid industrialization, unplanned urbanisation. Humans are part of ecosystems as their well being is dependent on the services provided by ecosystems and their components.

Human society engages in various.

How humans impact the ecosystem essay
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