How to write an article on microsoft word 2007

Goodman et al, On the Title Page, include the title, your name as author and your institutional affiliation. The template has areas in brackets where you can fill in your name, address and other information.

Next, insert in the left column in each of the cells "Intro," "Step 1," "Step 2," "Step 3," continuing as per the number of steps.

How to Make an Article Template with Microsoft Word

Summarize your key points in to words, using a single block paragraph, double-spaced. It looks like two parallel lines with little arrows on each side pointing to the right and left.

write word articles

Relationship between exercise and mental well being. The template will download to Microsoft Word and automatically open.

Just open the template, write your article and save the article as a Word document. The template window should now show a series of templates in thumbnail form. Select the "Autofit to Contents" radio button. Her specialties include massage therapy, computer tech support, land and aquatic personal training, aquatic group fitness and Reiki.

Click, hold and drag the bottom square to adjust the size of the table. Some templates also include graphic elements and designs, for a more professional look. You now have a template you can use for all of your eHow articles. In the top row, type the "Title" in the left column and "How to" in the right column.

Microsoft does not monitor all of these documents and some may contain viruses or malicious code. If you want to write an article with 10 steps, enter "10" in the Row box and "2" in the Columns box.

Create a bibliography, citations, and references

Also include a page header as a running head on every page. To cite one work by six or more authors, use this format: Select "Insert" from the "Table" menu.

You will need an Internet connection in order to access the templates from Microsoft Office Online. You cite references in the body of the report and in the bibliography.

This is a hypothetical example to show how this is done: Microsoft offers specialized and generic templates which take some of the guesswork out of formatting and font choices. To submit your questions or ideas, or to simply learn more, see our about us page: Enter "eHow Articles" in the "File Name" box.

Some templates are pre-written--you can keep the existing wording, use it as a guideline, or delete it and write your own. This will make the rows shrink or expand automatically according to how much text you put in them.Technology and Microsoft Word keep changing and adding new templates for resumes.

Take a look at the choices you have to get your resume up and operational in short order. Open Microsoft Word and click on the Office Button in.

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Jan 06,  · The Technology Preview release of the Article Authoring Add-in for Microsoft Word provides authors of scientific articles with the ability to read and write files from Word into the XML format used by the National Library of Medicine for archiving articles in the U.S.

National Institutes of Health (NIH) free digital archive of Operating System: Windows Vista, Windows XP. Type your report in Word double-spaced on an 8 1/2- by inch page size, with 1-inch margins all around, in Times New Roman, font size On the Title Page, include the title, your name as author and your institutional affiliation.

In Microsoft Office Wordclick the Microsoft Office Button, and then click New. Under Templates, do one of the following: If you are using Microsoft Office Wordclick Installed Templates to select a template that is available on your computer.

How to write an article on microsoft word 2007
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