Human genome project debate essay

These are just some questions that people raise when talking about the human genome. The informed consent process provides research participants with on-going explanations that will help them make informed decisions about whether to begin or continue participating in the research project.

Hap Map play important role in identifying disease genes. Though scientists had known for years that an altered gene was to blame for this hereditary colon cancer, finding it was tricky for they had few clues as to where, on any of the 23 pairs of chromosomes, the gene might reside.

Sometimes difficult to diagnose, hereditary nonpolyposis colorectal cancer HNPCC is believed to account for one in six of all colon cancer cases. The Ethical, Legal and Social Implications Research Program ELSI was established to address concerns that relate to the privacy of genetic information, protection of human subjects, and possibility of criminal action with the usage of data being produced by the HGP.

The insights gained through the Ethical, Legal and Social Implications ELSI Research Program inform the development of federal guidelines, regulations and legislation to guard against misuse of genetic information. The fist actual use of gene therapy began in Septemberwith the treatment of a child suffering from a rare genetic immunodeficiency disease caused by the lack of the enzyme adenosine deaminase ADA.

In earlyfurther discussion culminated in the publication of two additional, widely circulated, influential reports. Should health care practitioners perform genetic testing of an unborn foetus when the results might lead its parents to abort the pregnancy?

Congress agreed with the idea. Sub-clones Clone libraries are prepared by using bacterial artificial chromosomes BAC.

Human Genome Project Essay

This information will allow those that are genetically predisposed to certain diseases to eliminate at least the genetic contribution to the diseases. These are some of the questions being talked about right now.

Genetic engineering is one of many issues concerning human welfare. Half of the genes identified by the Human Genome Project have no known function so by using bioinformatics researchers can identify genes, discover their functions and develop gene-based strategies for preventing, diagnosing, and treating disease.

Human Genome Project Pros and Cons

The ELSI Research Program funds and manages studies, and supports workshops, research consortia and policy conferences related to these topics. The essay is gibberish. The idea of human genome project started in Decemberwhen the U.

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Now that I have wrote about the many benefits of genome mapping and gene therapy, I will mention some of the disadvantages. The shortest fragments correspond to the length of the primer plus one dye-coloured base while the longest fragments are between and bases long.

The mapping of the human genome has created new opportunities for genetic tests to predict, prevent and treat disease. Legal, regulatory and public policy issues are the effects of existing genomic research, health and public policies and regulations and the development of new policies and regulatory approaches.

Another important advantage is that drugs produced Human genome project debate essay this way are pure and, if made using human genes, fully compatible with use in people. From the information found out from the HGP, people today may start to remove the genes known to cause debilitating and fatal diseases, which would not cause presumably any problems to future generations.

Genomic health care is how rapid advances in genomic technologies and the availability of increasing amounts of genomic information influence how health care is provided and how it affects the health of individuals, families and communities.

Besides sequencing human DNA, Genome Project researchers are developing new sequencing technologies and conducting studies of human genetic variation, genomic function, and genomic analysis of model organisms. Each one of these diseases affects thousands of people and together probably many millions of people.

The Food and Drug Administration FDA has the authority to regulate genetic tests, but it has to date only regulated the relatively small number of genetic tests sold to laboratories as kits. Genome is the whole genetic information of an organism.

Essay UK - http: Finally, using tools emerging from the Human Genome project, an international team tracked the gene to a region of chromosomes 2. There are other goals such as the mouse but the most exciting and anticipated one is that of the human genome. Some of the free bases in the solution have a fluorescent dye which attached to them which a different coloured dye is attached to each of the four kinds of bases.

Long-term structural changes found in brains of concussed female athletes August 10, Female athletes who have suffered at least one concussion showed structural differences in the corpus callosum, the structure that connects the two hemispheres of the brain, compared to unconcussed female athletes and other More effective Drugs Gaining a better understanding of the human genes can lead to intelligent drug modification.

However, this is my somewhat uneducated opinion. In other words do we need to know some of the junk DNA of the human genome. Scientists will assemble long DNA sequences from series of shorter overlapping sequences and then placed their assembled sequences into genetic databases so that other scientists may use the data.The Human Genome Project has been marked by criticism since the projects initiation in the late 's.

The Human Genome Project (HGP) was an international, combined research program, which sought to completely map and understand the human genome and to identify all genes present in it.4/4(1). The Human Genome Project Debate Essay - The Human Genome Project Debate The Human Genome Project is a 15 year, 3 billion dollar venture whose goals involve identifying the 80, genes in human DNA and determining the sequences of the 3 billion chemical bases that make up human DNA.

Background Essay I. General Surveys II. The Debate III. U.S.

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Project History IV. International Involvement V. The Human Genome Map Human Genome Organization (HUGO), which has been called the''U.N. for the human genome,'' was born in the The Human Genome Project has generated widespread interest in a large spectrum of.

Applications of Biotechnology: Stem Cell Research and the Human Genome Project Stem Cells Stem cells are unspecialized cells found in large quantities in bodies of fetuses and in some parts of the adult body. These unspecialized cells are capable of forming other organs, which make it one of the controversial issues in medical ethics.

Human Genome Project Pros and Cons The Human Genome Project is also referred to as HGP and involves a global collaboration to gain more information about human genes.

This project began around and was sponsored by the National Human Genome Research Institute. InHuman Genome Project completed and the finish sequence covers 99% of human genome and is accurate to %.

The Human Genome Project

Inanalysis of human genome sequence is refined. The analysis reduced the estimate number of .

Human genome project debate essay
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