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The world you now enter is like the ocean.

You embody honesty, diligence and love and you can and microbiz easy business plan become a difference maker in any community you join.

Our international class of students, from Australia, USA, Peru, Korea, Turkey and Japan, allow SAP students to shift their perspective to foster a global mindset further and develop a multicultural sensitivity.

This is d-day, day 0.

And do you know what I saw? It is time to choose to be foolish. Welcome to Spring Welcome to Spring Term! The results of our program are self-evident from the recognition our students have received from national competitions such as the National High School Debate League China, Harvard Model United Nations and Microbiz International Future Business Leader Summit and acceptances from highly selective colleges.

Many of our senior students have been exceptional, and their abilities can be reflected by their competitive GPAs and the number of AP classes and exams they will have completed by the end of our program average of 6, not including Dual Credit courses. Along with home, comes the call for comfort and stagnation and the whispers of compromise.

However, by instilling values such as honesty, diligence and love into our students, we make an attempt to transform them from the inside out. In a society that only pursues success and encourages achievements and competitive edge, the notion of foolishness may seem foreign.

But I want to affirm to you that wherever you go, you have been trained and prepared for success. One is as though nothing is a miracle. In addition, their active engagement with extracurricular activities, including our national award-winning choir team and the nationally recognized TV program filmed and edited by our students, not only contributed to their application but more importantly, played an important factor in helping them develop and mature as an individual.

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Through a variety of blended and in-person classes, including multiple AP courses, we also provide opportunities for students to think critically and expand their intellectual horizon.

Changes on the surface are easy to appreciate even with the naked eye, yet as homeostasis dictates, are bound to return to the status quo. Foolish to have the chance to cheat, yet decide not to.

Foolish to see and know the short-cuts of life, but choose not to take it. With beliefs, and values that is instilled in you, you will become the light in the dark, the compass to the lost and be the person to change our world one small community at a time.

As a tower built on sand will collapse in time, a life built on compromises to integrity, moral and community is bound to fail at worst, and feel void at best. Though the speed of change is gradual, eventually what seemed at first to be a foreign idea to the students, soon becomes a part of their lives and the transformation that takes place subsequently is genuine and permanent.

But it is time to make a decision that regardless of the situation, the circumstances, and external forces, to do what is right, to not do what is wrong.

Be excited, be joyful, live in constant amazement and thankfulness, but above all, remember you are a miracle. Class, though our time together has been short, we have endured a lot together. However, at Harbin Wanbang School, the word foolishness takes on a new complexion and means to choose to do what is right and to choose not to do what is wrong, in spite of the circumstances.TrustRadius is the site for professionals to share real world insights through in-depth reviews on business technology products.

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Winter Intensive Cou Miri Kim/ Hawon Choi.

Microbiz easy business plan
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