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A coughing sound comes again and the heap heaves a little simultaneously. Kaku is a typical house maker, smiling and caring.

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The Clock Mortein reflections going to hit 8 PM. Harry Potter sure seems to be a jovial person and his one on ones with Miss Hostess are revered and cheered by one and all. Kaka is all gutso looking at so many ghaisas together.

A smell of life gone by and spent longing, longing, longing.


A smell Mortein reflections illness. Alls well with all. We all had developed a sense Mortein reflections belonging to each other in just one meeting. Jo Laajla to Sampala he tiche breedh vaakya hoi. You suddenly remember your manners and bend your head low to for the face to kiss you on the top while it clutches you at the temples.

The leisured evening was coming to an spirited end. He decides to soak in all as much as he can. They slowly open while you stand paralyzed with fear and regret and pity and confusion and a multitude of other emotions.

They had to meet again and meet they did. We all board the bus and Miss Hostess is nice enough to get us our tickets. On your way you stoop to pluck out one of the pretty flowers growing in well kept flower pots that line the walkway.

There is a creaking of the charpoy as a pile of bones enclosed in skin assembles itself into a cross-legged position. But it flies away immediately for it is not used to many visitors. Monday, September 11, Lage Raho The narration was crystal, the content was clear and the filming was spot on.

All topics from anti reservation to Kokanastha being kanjoos or rather hishobi are discussed. The nicest thing about such ghetto is we meet different people with different backgrounds, different outlooks, different set of rules but still a unique common strand of being a Ghaisasa strand of being a Chittapavan unites and ties us.

Or perhaps humans themselves. It takes your eyes a little while to adjust to the darkness of the room which seems positively pitch black when coming from the relatively brighter outside.

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The scene sure needs real experience rather than a borrowed narration which surely would fall hopelessly short of the true aura the place offered. The breeze is pleasant.

A true 21st Century Indian women. The pen names are given for fun reading and mean no insult to anyone. They have stood witness to the countless feet that have trampled on them as they walk to or from the core house: The sun is sinking in, making a coital dance with the water.

Bricks of Life The first impression you get from the house is that it is empty, perhaps even haunted. The owner has never had to think about replacements or even repairs. Something seemingly clicks for the eyes change into a faint hint of a smile.


Of hopes long crushed.Making of Modern Australia' Chapter Reflections. Prologue.

Mortein Reflections

History as a caged cockatoo The author is proud of Australia and its culture, thus he is part of the majority of Australians that are 'proud Australians'. Reflections. Monday, September 11, Lage Raho.

Ghaisas All good things come in small packets they say. So does the Ghaisas Gang. Mortein Dozzes off to a healthy sleep but not before dreaming about the next ghetto which he is sure would find many more ghaisas bandhu to meet and to get to know.

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You never know which domino is strategic in the line till you knock it over, unleashing a torrent of happenings - the domino effect of destruction and construction intertwined.

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Mortein reflections
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