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The click is still soft and satisfying. The standard white body with 4 color options of green, blue, black and red make this type of pen a staple for many looking for a basic multi color pen.

As always, I wish the RT line had more ink colors! If you need a basic multi color penthe Paper Mate InkJoy Quatro will help you get by with pretty good performance and at a very inexpensive price.

Get notifications of new posts right to your inbox. The red with these pens seemed to have a bit more of a pinkish-orange hue as opposed to the ones that I compare it to in the bottom of the writing sample.

The top edges of the white plastic that surround the chamber could definitely stand to be a little smoother. Recycled plastic tends to be glossy anyway at least in pen form so it would likely fit in very well.

Paper MateĀ® Ballpoint Stick Pen, Black Ink, Medium, 60 per Pack

All three inks are really nice colors - although just black, blue, and red - they are very solid. But the RT is also available in a high-gloss black body as well, which I must admit looks really awesome.

The recent review by Brad over at the Pen Addict reminded me that I still needed to review mine, so here we are today.

Of all six styles of InkJoys, the RT have my favorite barrel design. In addition to a not quite perfect writing experience, the pens are a bit bottom heavy due to the plastic body and metal nose cone.

And boy do those ink blobs ever smear - on paper, on fingers, and on anything else it touches! There was a little jelly blob covering the tip so as soon as I removed it, the pen started writing instantly.

As with all ballpoint ink, blobbing and smudging becomes a concern. Personally I think that if you are looking for a nice hybrid ink ballpoint pen, the Uniball Jetstream is the way to go. Despite the ink blobbing and smudging, I still really like this pen.

I saw the InkJoy not too long ago at Staples and I was itching to try it but I kept telling myself, no, no, Ziza, you have too many pens. Keep in mind you will only want one of these, not both.

You can really see it at the top of each loop where I drew the chain of loops next to each color scribble. Get notifications of new posts right to your inbox.

Paper Mate Pro-FIT Retractable Pen

Another issue with these pens is my personal preference for what a true red ink should look like. The ink and tip size allows for great coverage great for doodling. Its hard to say if they somehow improved the quality of the InkJoy line, or if you should just expect to get varying degrees of consistency on a lower end pen like this.

The weekly summary is a compilation of the daily email. It just smells so inky, so for me, InkJoy is very appropriately named. The plastic bodyand rubber grip are both very rigid and tell you right off the bat that this is a pen that is designed for penny pinchers, not that there is anything wrong with that.

Paper Mate Pens

In my use of the pen and as can be seen in the writing sample below I experienced some situations where the line was not crisp and clean, and there were actually small globs or splotches of ink Paper mate pens were put down on the paper.

Keep in mind you will only want one of these, not both. The glossy barrel is shaped like a stretched out hourglass. It makes me think about the inky-smelling ink. The color scheme is white and grey, with metal ends. I always write a little and lean over to sniff the page.

They do cost a slight bit more, but you do get what you pay for. It was a nice surprise to see that it seemed a hair more consistent when writing than the last time I reviewed anything from the InkJoy series.

I did kind of figure out a way to not get blobs - as explained in the picture below. Saving money and having inexpensive pens are both fine, but for the readership here its probably not the type of pen you are looking for. While the body looks fairly streamlined and clean, it feels a bit uninspired.

The weekly summary is a compilation of the daily email. I think I was attracted to its simple barrel design and clean, white look.

And even better, PaperMate makes the best smelling ink ever. The one reviewed here today is a 1. This also makes the pen more affordable and economical.Spread joy through writing with Paper Mate InkJoy writing pens! Vivid colors and ultra-smooth ink keep the fun and ideas flowing at work, school or home.

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Paper mate pens
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