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Digitally Integrate Engineering and Procurement Save time and maintain data provenance by feeding approved design deliverables directly into procurement for automatic creation, notification, and distribution of bid packages. Online donations to our non-profit partner TechnoServe are processed using a secure server.

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Digitally Integrate Engineering and Procurement Save time and maintain data provenance by feeding approved Project wise deliverables directly into procurement for automatic creation, notification, and distribution of bid packages.

These calculators are for educational purposes only. Quick first results Most of the calculators produce an output already after a simple click on the "Calculate" button, since the parameters are preset to reasonable values. Enable Digital Collaboration Between Design and Construction Reduce delays by using digitally linked engineering and construction models to preserve design intent, rapidly communicate updates, and quickly resolve construction issues.

transforming communities through water initiatives.

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Task-specific calculators for each purpose This concept ensures that you have to deal only with those parameters actually needed for the specific task - so no hassle with unneccessary parameter ballast, but, you have to make sure that you pick the exact calculator that solves your problem.

Learn More Extend Digital Collaboration Across Your Supply Chain Save time, eliminate risk, and improve project performance by automating supply chain workflows and managing information exchanges within your digital project environment.

If you started your morning with a cup of coffee, you might have been drinking the harvest from their small farms.

Infuse Your Design Practice with Digital Workflows Increase the speed and quality of distributed multi-discipline design with fast access to current project data, BIM review, rapid approvals, and automated deliverables.

Establish a Digital Environment for All Project Information Increase collaboration speed and quality with frictionless information exchange and paperless workflows across design, procurement, and construction.

With that comes a lot of responsibility, often with negative impacts on the environment that happen as part of the coffee production process. The calculators were tested on Firefox and Internet Explorer. They see how they directly impact the environment and how it changes their way of life.

Location and Design Division

Simple normalization Where applicable, the calculators offer the possibility to produce the required results for any given amount and type of raw material or intermediate product in the nuclear fuel chain: To contact TechnoServe with any questions or to request corrections to personal information, please e-mail info technoserve.

The families you are helping The people of the Sidama coffee region may live half a world away from you, but you are connected to them. To feel passionately for the environment and also for a process that pollutes water is a heavy burden for many Ethiopian coffee farmers and wet mill workers.

Your challenge is to cut through the hype, make pragmatic investments in proven strategies, and lead your firm into the digital project delivery era. This is something we directly share with Ethiopian culture.WISE Uranium Project offers a unique choice of 40+ interactive calculators covering a wide range of problems encountered with the nuclear fuel industry.

Health and environmental impacts of uranium mining and nuclear fuel production. News, maps and resources on the uranium industry.

TXGenWeb page with links to genealogy information for Wise County Texas.


Cranked. The Aussie with the Celeste Bianchi. A fine man riding new roads, such as live modeling and almost anything that looks like a challenge. Water Wise Coffee. PRIVACY POLICY. When you visit the Water Wise Coffee site, we collect basic information, including total number of visitors, pages viewed and other non-identifying information.

The WISE Uranium Project Calculators!

WISE will map the sky in infrared light, searching for the nearest and coolest stars, the origins of stellar and planetary systems, and the most luminous galaxies in the Universe.

Project wise
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