Review of related literature of alcoholism

Therefore, while some papers were identified from database searches, the majority were identified from references cited in papers already obtained. These threats include accidents associated with drunk driving, and crimes.

Several studies have investigated the cognitive consequences of hangover subsequent to naturalistic consumption, where participants have chosen what and where to drink.

The present review offers a more critical analysis of all published peer-reviewed papers on hangover performance that we could find. This can help both parties to educate one another regarding life and become involved with the activities of one another.

Review of related literature about effects of alcoholism

One further laboratory study that we have criticized for not verifying zero BAL at testing will also be reviewed further. When i am happy essays dna and rna essay research proposal on advertising saccos in uganda Teacher: Nevertheless, although a number of studies have been carried out addressing hangover effects on cognition and performance, we argue in the following sections that their interpretation is severely limited due to a variety of methodological considerations.

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Furthermore, the identification of this sequence in adolescence, along with adult follow-up, has allowed for the determination that the earlier an adolescent begins to experiment with alcohol and cigarettes the greater the severity and persistence of problems with illicit drugs cited in Hill and Yuan With this interventions, the alcoholic adolescents can be helped by their parents and loved ones, and be guided regarding what they should do with their life.

Excessive drinking during adolescence has also been found to be predictive of later problems with alcohol Hill and Yuan They reviewed several studies claiming to show performance effects of hangover, but they recounted findings without any critical evaluation, and they omitted a large number of published peer-reviewed hangover performance studies.

Research does not indicate whether drinking causes suicidal behavior, only that the two behaviors are correlated Califano Proper guidance must be given to adolescents regarding drinking alcohol.

Calder suggests that the complex organic molecules found in alcoholic beverages known as congeners may have an important role in producing hangover effects because some, such as methanol, are metabolized to the notably toxic substances formaldehyde and formic acid.

The tests revealed that among the 26 drinkers identified, seven came from low-risk families and did not report any drug use other than cigarette smoking Hill and Yuan We briefly outline the biological mechanisms that may underlie hangover effects before embarking on a detailed review of the literature on the performance effects of alcohol hangover.

Even the recent report by Pittler et al. In addition, drinking at an early age can also be associated with alcohol-related violence, not only among persons under the age of 21 but among adults as well Califano In addition several supposed hangover studies report carrying out performance testing at elevated BALs.

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According to the authors, the purpose of the study was to assess the age of onset to begin drinking in relation to family history of alcoholism using survival analysis, and to examine the importance of selected risk factors in predicting outcome, using a Cox proportional hazards model analysis Hill and Yuan In addition, these behaviors can also become severe with the influence of alcohol.

Results from laboratory studies that do not implement a placebo control have little credibility. With this information, it will be helpful to propose effective ways for treatment of adolescent alcoholics at an early age. With the information and problem in mind, the study conducted examined two major groups, namely, the high-risk group and the low-risk group.

It has long been known that a positive family history is one of the most powerful predictors of risk for becoming alcoholic cited in Hill and Yuan As these studies conducted testing at raised BALs, they do not elucidate alcohol hangover effects Ekman et al.

Other potential mechanisms include sleep deprivation and insufficient eating Verster et al.Earlier only a few studies were carried out on wives of alcohol dependent individuals in the form of observation of wives who were directly involved in the treatment of alcohol dependent indtviduals in the family agency settings.

Lewis (1 )" endeavored to link the. The Center for Alcohol and Drug Resources provides an extensive amount of free brochures and literature on the topics listed below.

All brochures are free unless otherwise noted. Review of Related Literature. Alcoholism is also known as alcohol dependence and is considered a disease with symptoms such as craving or feeling a strong urge to drink; loss of control or not being able to stop once drinking has begun; physical dependence such as nausea, sweating, shakiness, and anxiety; and tolerance or drinking greater amounts of alcohol to "get high" ('National Institute on 5/5(9).

Then there’s the 25 percent of college students who report academic consequences related to alcohol — a hangover can quickly derail plans for class or study — and the 11 percent who admit damaging property after a night of drinking (Journal of American College Health, ).




D., AND HENRY WECHSLER, PH. D. † Department of Sociology, St. Joseph’s University, City Avenue, Philadelphia, Pennsylvania.

Some of these problems include depression, which can be triggered by alcoholism and vice versa; anxiety, which occurs during attempted withdrawal; change in personality with loss of normal behavior and appearance; and hallucinations, which is an affect of alcohol withdrawal ('Alcohol Abuse, Alcoholism and Alcohol-Related Problems' ).

Review of related literature of alcoholism
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