Role of humour in communication

It would be a disaster though to use something that is not natural to your character so if you are not the fun loving easy going type of person this may not be the best way for you to attempt to get your message across.

You may want to plan ways of building positive humor into your meetings once differences of opinion have been clearly expressed, in order to speed up movement to a consensual solution.

They drain our energy, or bore us to tears. One manager who had made a mistake in judgment was preparing for a meeting designed to determine how to deal with the mistake, and move on.

Emotional Tone of Communication Our daily communications on the job consist of much more than the information we give and receive. Public Utilities Fortnightly, April 1, Each one spends Role of humour in communication half of his time each day in meetings.

These meetings just wipe me out. This apparently shared comic vision seemed to create a working bond, overcoming previous estrangement. If you naturally have a sense of humor you may want to use it for effective communication. People will pick up your doubt much faster than you imagine and it will dampen the flavor of any humor that you will try to use.

A funny thing happened on the way to quality. Sometimes there are times when we as leaders have to reprove a subordinate. When you find a joke or cartoon you think is funny, ask yourself, "What kind of point could this be used to illustrate?

You must make your subordinate understand that you are serious first but may choose to interject some humor to lighten the mood.

Newsweek, August 12, You must look beyond the thing which is humorous to you. This increases the chances of making a mistake, since you may not be able to obtain all the information you need before making a decision.

If you attempt to tell too many they will distract from the actual point that you want to get across. International Journal of Humor Research,2, The joke must appear natural and unrehearsed in order to be effective.

You can do this rather easily if you know how to apply humor. This helped assure a more productive meeting. I once provided a program for a company which builds and operates large senior living communities.

Humor can backfire on you if you utilize it the wrong way. Prior to the meeting he hung a sign on the wall containing a quote from W. The ability to laugh at your mistake helps reduce the tension resulting from it and focus on moving forward.

There were howls of laughter as I went on and on pulling items out. Removal of Barriers between Management and Non-Management Staff As long as distinctions are made between management and non-management employees, there will always be barriers to good communication. You have to take account of crowd age, social status, regional status, and the setting that you are in before you decide to use humor.

Humor as Survival Training. I went through minutes of my talk before I got to the point where I was discussing this issue. I have found that you can still do this in all seriousness and use humor to deflect any defensive response that the subordinate may want to make.

A history of shared positive humor helps create a sense of trust which enables employees to open up and express ideas freely without fear of ridicule or rejection. So the first tip is to be sure that the humor that you use is good.The role that humor plays in shaping organizational culture Barbara L.

Gunning The University of Toledo Organizational Communication Assessment 46 Table 7 Frequency Of Use Of Different Roles Of Humor – Responses From All Members. Humor: A Powerful Communication Tool? by JoJo Tabares In the olde days of kings who ruled with absolute power, only the court jester could safely tell the king the truth, mediated through humor.

Here are 30 benefits of humor at work backed by research, case studies, and real-world examples. Humor and Communication. Humor gets people to listen. with improvement in group problem- solving, and with reducing emotional stress due to threats and role conflict at work.

HUMOUR IN CROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATION By ATANDA Ademola O Matric No Submitted in Cross-cultural Communication (LAC ) Department of Communication and Language Arts University of Ibadan Page 1 January Dr.

Obono Page 2 HUMOUR IN CROSS CULTURAL COMMUNICATION COMMUNICATION AND CULTURE Communication. Humor Improves Communication Paul McGhee, PhD, Emotional Tone of Communication.

Research examining the dynamics of humor in task-oriented meetings suggests that it can play the pivotal role in moving the group toward a consensual solution to a problem. Dec 06,  · If your humor stinks in the eyes of your audience you will also lose them on the rest of your communication.

Bad humor will prevent you from being able to get the message across that you really want to get across.

Role of humour in communication
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