So much water so close home

None of this is mentioned in the story, and so it seems, Claire is overreacting, being hysterical, that Stuart has reason to question her remoteness. I D R I V E through farm country, through fields of oats and sugar beets and past apple orchards, cattle grazing in pastures. We were five miles from the car.

She finds him in the kitchen drinking beer. With nothing to restrain them, they may do what they will. But she was dead. About the poor girl and the cookies she was given when she was a girl. He gets Dean off for school, and then he shaves, dresses, and leaves for work.

They talked about what to do. I heard it on the radio before I come. You stay in or be in the backyard until one of us comes home.

So Much Water So Close to Home Summary

A door opens and the family comes in in a group and moves over to a curtained place off to one side. Did they rape the girl? What is interesting about the opening scene is the fact that there is some distance between Claire and Stuart as if they do not know each other. A green pickup comes up behind me and stays behind me for miles.

Then I move out onto the front steps and into the afternoon light. Though it is not explicitly said in the opening scene of the story, later the reader realizes that Claire suspects that Stuart and his friends may have possibly killed the young girl.

He appears in the kitchen doorway, towel over his bare shoulder, appraising. We sit on a bench in the sun. They killed a girl named Arlene Hubly where I grew up.

That he may be capable of murder. He starts to eat again. More than once she imagines herself as the girl, dead, face down in the river watching through the murk as the river bed passes below.

We drive through town without speaking. They drove until they got to a telephone. Claire recounts his arrival late that same night after she is already asleep.

This is important as Claire fears that she will be raped by the man and at the same time she can hear the river below the trees.

He is lying on his back on the grass now, the newspaper and can of beer within reach. Twice he looks in and clears his throat. However Claire is starting to question, not only her marriage to Stuart but her own identity.An eerie quality pervades the narrative of “So Much Water So Close to Home,” principally because Raymond Carver implies so much and leaves so much unsaid that one cannot help wondering what.

So Much Water So Close to Home by Raymond Carver

So Much Water, So Close to Home has ratings and 12 reviews. Connie said: This story was probably inspired by the serial killings of young women in th /5.

Menace and Dread: Raymond Carver's

So Much Water So Close To Home. By Raymond Carver. M Y husband eats with a good appetite. But I don’t think he’s really hungry. He chews, arms on the table, and stares at something across the room.

Complete summary of Raymond Carver's So Much Water So Close to Home. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of So Much Water So Close to Home.

So Much Water So Close to Home Themes

For me, the menace of “So Much Water So Close to Home” is only fully realized with the knowledge of context, where the story took place and when. During the time Carver wrote the story, the mid seventies, and in later versions, the early eighties, the Pacific Northwest was in a state of paralysis.

Cory, Devon, Brandon, Joe, and Brett (Cory and the Boys) So Much Water So Close to Home Characterization Plot Point of View Theme Setting Protagonist: Claire Antagonist: Stuart Claire and Stuart are built directly off of each-other.

Told in 1st Person from Claire's perspective Definition of "Claire.

So much water so close home
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