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The paper goes so far as to say the very survivability of US Naval Forces and the accomplishment of their missions depends upon offensive firepower. Navy via AP, File The Navy is making an aggressive push to explore and refine the new combat tactics, offensive weaponry and networking technologies needed for modern warfare on the open seas - as part of a service-wide strategic initiative to prepare the fleet for major ocean combat against increasingly high-tech enemies.

RWANDA - Bank Group Country Strategy Paper 2017 - 2021

The advent of new cyber and electronic warfare attack technologies, enemy drones and the rapid global proliferation of sea mines all present uniquely modern nuances when compared to previous Cold-War strategic paradigms. While the importance of this kind of strategic and tactical thinking never disappeared, these things were emphasized less during the last plus years of ground wars wherein the Navy focused on counter-terrorism, securing the international waterways, counter-piracy and things like Visit Board Search and Seizure.

Having an ability to defend against a wider range of attacks and strike from long-distances enables the fleet to spread out and conduct dis-aggregated operations, making US Navy forces less vulnerable to enemy firepower.

Interestingly, the pressing need to emphasize offensive attack in the Navy fleet appears to have roots in previous Navy strategic thinking. The current courses have in part been put together through Warfighter Tactics Instructor training, preparations aimed at breaking the training down into specific warfare focus areas including integrated air and missile defense, surface warfare and amphibious warfare; the Navy plans to stand up a mine warfare program next year.

New Navy weapons tactics sharpen prep for major warfare on the open sea

Course leaders say the training involves a concentrated, in depth focus on weapons systems likely to be used by potential enemies.

The to week courses place sailors on surface ships in combat-like scenarios intended to mirror the most advanced current and future enemy threats they are likely to encounter.

Adjusting to a fast-evolving threat environment, involving technologically sophisticated adversaries, requires course participants to experiment with new Tactics, Techniques and Procedures necessary to meet as-of-yet unprecedented kinds of attacks. This strategic approach emphasizes the need to more fully arm the fleet with offensive and defensive weapons and disperse forces as needed.

Some of the particular kinds of enemy weapons these courses anticipate for the future include a range of emerging new systems - to include lasers, rail-guns and long-range missiles, among other technologies.

Lessons learned and findings from the Naval Surface and Mine Warfighting Development Center training are expected to inform the development of Navy doctrine as well as the acquisition priorities needed for future war scenarios, Powell added.The Hollywood Reporter is your source for breaking news about Hollywood and entertainment, including movies, TV, reviews and industry blogs.

Municipal Capacity Page 1 of 46 Strategy Paper Executive summary The capacity of municipalities throughout northeastern Illinois to pursue their own local and. Advocacy is a strategy to influence policy makers when they make laws and regulations, distribute resources, and make other decisions that affect peoples’ lives.

The aims of advocacy are to create policies, reform policies, and ensure policies Strategy Paper.

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National Strategy for the Development of Statistics (NSDS) GDP Compilation in African Countries Gender, Poverty and Environmental Indicators on African Countries. STRATEGY PAPER: A Framework for Monitoring the MDGs and Sustainable Human Development in the CARICOM Region (FINAL DRAFT) by the United Nations Development Programme.

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Strategy paper hollywood tan
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