Summary of singing silence

Wuorio P He left his hometown and ended up a porter on a quay.

Singing Silence

An unstable life gives Vicente a reason to look forward to a more comfortable life, which becomes an impetus for him to participate in his new job. The process of Vicente making money to compensate for the damage is actually a journey to get a better life.

Thirdly, Vicente tried to learn a completely new activity in his 60s, which turned out to be another goal to attain. The amphora was so valuable that Vicente would have to work hard for his whole life to pay for the damage. Vicente was still searching for the amphora, he was still carrying up his dive career, and he was still putting all his energy and patience to realize his dreams: Rather, it helps individuals to obtain a life with fulfillment because this sacrifice helps people to lead a purpose-driven life.

Vicente believed in himself that he could do it. First, he worked as a porter on a quay, at which he set himself a goal: Secondly, he accidentally made a serious mistake, for which he determined to make up for the loss.

Through this story, Eva-Lis Wuorio intends for the reader to appreciate that individuals may become more fulfilled if we sacrifice conventional lives because we will always have a new struggling aim resulting in our active participation in our jobs, confidence about the amending for our mistakes, courage to face challenges and the understanding of real life meaning.

Despite the failure he had to face, he had courage to succeed. He found the true meaning of life is the process of approaching and realizing the dream. From the first time of being a porter, he became a person who tries his best to correct his mistake, a person who tries his best to get a better life, a person who has courage to face challenges, and a person who realizes the true meaning of life.

But he had complete confidence that he could earn enough money one day. Vicente ended up hearing a singing silence under the sea, finding the real freedom under the sea, and realizing the true meaning of the life under the sea.“He is loco, este hornbre, ___ Singing Silence E- Ea-Li Uor2D Old Vicente of Formcntcra was perhaps the happiest man Fve ever known.

And also, perhaps. the poorest. I—Ic was a cadaverous, bent juniper of a man, brown and lined, and. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Singing in Silence at Read honest and unbiased product reviews from our users. The synopsis allows for a fine summary – ‘Gather the women, the ghostly vision told Stella and Maggie.

Best friends since the Summer of Love, both are going through the Change—hormonally and.

The Singing Silence Plot Structure Setting Character Development Conflicts Symbols Themes POV Narration Significance of Title The pursuit of happiness. Singing in Silence is a thrilling page-turner brimming with history, sisterhood, fashion, and a return to a culture of peace.

Read more Read less click to open popover5/5(6). In the short story “ The Singing Silence”, the author Eva-Lis Wuorio tells us a life story of the main character Vicente. Vicente is a person that doesn’t have life stability but has achieved a fulfilled life. First, he worked as a porter on a quay, at which he set himself a goal: to be [ ].

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Summary of singing silence
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