The trend of female vehicle market

The stated goal is to achieve fuel savings of 1. The sub-compact SUV segment also resembles the SUV segment in terms of unibody construction, high ground clearance, high H-point among others.

Global Automotive Industry: Trends & Forecasts

Changes in Mobility Mobility no longer means auto-mobility by default; the only thing that counts is efficient and The trend of female vehicle market transport.

In India, sub-4 meter vehicles attract 8 per cent excise duty as compared to 27 per cent for vehicles that are over 4 meters in length. Views about mobility, about what we can do with a car, about the status of owning a car, are in transition. Global car sales are expected to exceed million units by New trends have made their way and new markets have opened up, thanks to disruptive innovation.

For instance, features such as small engines and hence, better fuel efficiency as compared to passenger cars, compact body as compared to SUVs and excise duty rebate for this vehicle segment in a majority of the countries.

The growth of the sub-compact SUV market is mainly owing to the mixture of advantages that this segment offers.

Changes In Customer Demand Many customers are inclining towards greener, fuel efficient and sustainable vehicles. This is roughly equivalent to the growth forecasted by Tesla Motors, where production is expected to increase from 50, in toin Continental expects fully automated vehicles — in which the driver does not have to monitor the road or be prepared to take control — to be available for sales by Within the SUV segment, crossovers have performed exceptionally well on a global scale.

Changes in Brand Loyalty Even the brand loyal customers are now rethinking their buying decisions as a result of surplus choices in the market.

Several OEMs are investing in the region, prompted by factors such as the expanding middle class and the youth demographic. France, Italy, and the U. The CEO added he sees the U.

Today, the Ford Motor Company still ranks among the leading manufacturers of passenger cars. Sales of sub-compact SUVs almost doubled in from the levels. Sales German supplier Continental forecasts global production of cars and light trucks to grow only slightly into 89 million vehicles from about 88 million in Technological Advances The global automotive industry has witnessed a lot of transformation in the last two decades with the digitization of vehicles.

The growth of sub-compact SUVs is linked to the growth of the SUV and its crossovers, which have been gaining momentum since Fuel Efficiency Regulatory bodies are placing a strong focus on fuel efficiency for new vehicles.

Number of Vehicles Produced Worldwide Few of the key trends that can be seen are: The Nissan Juke and Mini Countryman are key examples of unibody construction. Since most of the SUVs have a lower fuel efficiency, it affects the buying preference of the end-users, as they would prefer buying a small or compact car which would provide a better fuel efficiency.

The major drivers of growth for this market are rising global tourism industry, increasing globalization of corporate operations, and increasing income levels across the globe.

Considering the past paced environment and innovations that take place daily, business models and industries are subjected to rapid growth, disruption and change.

The main challenge faced by OEMs is when fuel prices rise. Even if passed on to some extent, the recovery is typically on a delayed basis. The increase in raw material prices is also one of the biggest constraints for automobile manufacturers, as it is generally difficult to pass the full extent of increased prices for manufactured components and raw materials onto customers, in the form of price increases.

United States became a key automotive market when Ford introduced assembly line car production in the early s to mass-manufacture its Model T.

Medium- and Heavy-Commercial Vehicle Industry Forecast

Cars just might be the next big platform for application developers. Our custom research will comprehensively cover the business information you require to help you arrive at strategic and profitable business decisions. Impressing the customer remains harder than ever.

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In the past decade, Automotive Industry has come up to be an active sector and forecasts show much more may come. Asia-Oceania is projected to grow at the highest CAGR during the forecast period, as a result of availability of economical domestic resources like labour, land and raw materials, strong government support, and emerging economies in the region, which are expected to boost growth, especially in countries such as China and India.

Additionally, certain countries in Asia-Oceania, such as South Korea and Japan, have strong technological capabilities. It can also be used as a car key, or for applying personal settings in a car you rent. After the Volkswagen emissions scam, customers are more cautious and are hard to acquire.

Sub-compact SUVs, being new entrants in the global market, have performed more successfully in Europe than in other regions.$ Billion Commercial Vehicles Market Analysis & Trends Crossovers & Sport Utility Vehicle (SUVs) $ Billion Commercial Vehicles Market Analysis & Trends every major global automotive market, will help you to accelerate strategies and improve performance.

Whichever segment of the What is shaping the global commercial vehicle industry? The global commercial vehicle industry is currently at an important crossroad with.

Women are more likely to drive these cars By director of market statistics for Experian. Practical vehicles with more storage space will trend toward female buyers. May 23,  · The trend accelerates for over 55s and shows a wide difference for women over but for female drivers, it has increased during that same timeframe.

The IHS Automotive Medium- and Heavy-Commercial Vehicle Industry Forecast is the trusted source for independent insight and intelligence on the global truck industry.

Download brochure Medium & Heavy Commercial Vehicle Industry Forecast brochure municipality and government vehicle market, Phenix Truck Bodies and Van Equipment wanted to. Global Automotive Industry: Trends & Forecasts.

Posted By iSpirit on March 25, are in transition. The number of female buyers is increasing and becoming more and more commonplace. Technological Advances; and their current electric vehicle market share remains the same at 10%, if each electric vehicle roughly displaces 15 barrels of oil.

The trend of female vehicle market
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