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An example is Texas Penal Code, Section This coincides with the argument that statutory rape laws are discriminatory towards boys as they assume that the boys are the perpetrators rather than victims as they should enjoy sex.

Without effective laws or effective research, perpetrators of rape cannot adequately be brought to justice. However, from the general public view, many think that there is no problem with young boys of below sixteen having sexual intercourse with older women.

Therefore, the girls could have been capable of reconsidering their decision Fischel, This makes conviction more frequent in cases involving minors. Although these laws are geared toward protecting minors the laws are highly gendered. We are quite confident in our "Statutory Rape" knowledge and versatile writing skills.

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The original laws also protected those under the age of 12 which would now fall under child molestation charges. It should be noted that girls too are equal participants in the sexual activities as long as both have agreed to the activity Fischel, Article A person who, out of wedlock, with a person who has reached the age of twelve but has not reached sixteen years, performs indecent acts comprising or including sexual penetration of the body is liable to a term of imprisonment up to eight years or a fine up to that of the fifth category.

Additionally it was hard to find materials relating to young boys since most statutory rape cases focused on older mature offenders with minors. The changes in age difference allowed these minors to face less penalties or less chance of prosecution.

Suggesting that they were all involved in the sexual act with consent means to say that girls at elementary school can make a decision to have sex and be sexually active Eric, These stereotypes continue well into adulthood and laws that define their sexuality as adults.

Reducing the penalty in such cases to a fine, probation or community service. Instead of charging these young teenagers for crimes, other avenues need to be sought for addressing the concerns posed by supported of statutory rape laws.

Patronizing statutory rape legislation leads to the de-sexualization of women The historical development of statutory rape laws as being highly gendered and patronizing to women have continued to the present day.

Re-evaluating modern statutory rape law". Select network Statutory rape is a complicated legal subject, and carries within it different and, at times, contradicting definitions with associated legal loopholes.

Statutory rape laws can also serve to protect those who are mentally incapacitated and may be at a developmental age lower than their actual age however this can be difficult to prove. In the origination of statutory rape laws there has been considerable evidence that the laws were utilized to discriminate and imprison homosexuals under the statutory rape statutes.

However, when it is between two children below the age of 16, there should be a consideration that both did not have the right capability of making sexual decisions.

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Thus, many jurisdictions prohibit allowing a juvenile to be tried as an adult under this law most jurisdictions have separate provisions for child molestation or forcible rape which can be applied to juveniles and for which a minor can be tried as an adult.Nov 15,  · Rape is a horrible thing because it is illegal, cause a lot of trauma for the victim, it is unethical, and a dirty thing to do to someone.

This would work if this was a regular essay. Remember, a thesis statement is the last line of your introductory paragraph Hope this helpsStatus: Resolved.

Statutory rape should be neutral, stating that if an older man of about 30 years haves sex with a girl of 15 years, statutory rape occurs. The same way, when a woman of 30 years engages in sexual activity with a year-old boy, statutory rape occurs. In some common law jurisdictions, statutory rape is nonforcible sexual activity in which one of the individuals is below the age of consent (the age required to legally consent to the behavior).

Although it usually refers to adults engaging in sexual contact with minors under the age of consent, it is a generic term, and very few jurisdictions use the actual. Download thesis statement on statutory rape in our database or order an original thesis paper that will be written by one of our staff writers and.

Statutory Rape Essay - Statutory Rape Laws The term “statutory rape” is used when the government considers people under a certain age to be unable to give consent to sex and therefore consider sexual contact with them to be a rape. For example, statutory rape laws is a topic.

A thesis statement presents a specific stance or argument about a topic. A thesis statement about this topic could be “The statutory rape laws should not differ by state because this variation .

Thesis on statutory rape
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