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Sacred Space and Sacred Time From this concept of the Temple of Zion as dioramic of the world, it follows that the Tabernacle represents also the creation of the world. From his capture of the city, the first Temple is established and sanctified by the theophany presented to David.

It will also have to recognize that it corresponds to a community of interpretation. The present essay, the presidential address at the convention of the New England region of the Society of Biblical Literature, will appear in somewhat different form in his new book, The Hebrew Bible, the Old Testament, and Historical Criticism: Secondly, it is implied that this latent meaning, which is accessible only to the outsider-anthropologist, is the meaning par excellence, whereas the ostensible one, i.

That this danger is not hypothetical is abundantly demonstrated in a recent introduction, Power, Politics, and the Making of the Bibleby Robert B.

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These points and others like them I all too happily leave to the philosophers, except to note this: As the late Thesis statement for levensons sinai and Bloom points out: The new conflict would be between the liberal state and its absolutistic rivals.

Focusing on lexical issues, John Barton of Oxford makes a related point in quintessentially British fashion: Should the response be the classic historicist point that the books should be examined within the limits of their dates of composition, one is compelled again to point out that when they were written, they were not yet biblical and that most do not presuppose a book-religion at all.

Levenson, Sinai and Zion: As Clifford explains, Zion is analogous with the Greek Pantheon; its being a juncture of opposing natural forces; its position as the axis mundi; and its being the pedestal and podium of decrees, all make Zion a cosmic mountain.

IV My point would be misunderstood if it were taken to be that only a religious affirmation can justify the presence of biblical studies in a curriculum and that the field cannot be open to secular practitioners.

Specifically, Levinson points out that Sinai is a sovereign place, unrelenting to the will of any Pharaoh—an amiable place then for the enslaved Israel. The point is only that if such disciplines do stand on their own, they can no longer justify themselves on the grounds of their relevance to biblical interpretation.

Through the famous formula cuius regio, eius religiothe Treaty of Westphaliawhich ended that war, established the superiority of the state over religion in fact and provided a hospitable climate for a theory to the same effect.

By universalizing the claims of historical criticism, Collins denies himself the same potential for pluralism. Unfortunately, in insisting upon political power as the prime motive force behind biblical literature, the Cootes are, in the present academic and religious climate, far from idiosyncratic.

It is to this latter claim that my colleague believed that after only two weeks in the program, all of our doctoral students would assent.

If the former, then why, if Christological claims are not credited? Historical critics thus rightly insist that the tribunal before which interpretations are argued cannot be confessional or dogmatic.

Historical criticism, in sum, will have to retreat from the severe philosophical historicism that can still often be detected in its applications.

What has been argued here is that the secularity of historical criticism represents not the suppression of commitment, but its relocation. What I hope to have shown is that the reverse is also the case: Might it be the case that the interpretation of religion as only a mystification of power arrangements, for example, is itself an item in a discourse of power in which a new group, supported by new social arrangements, asserts its hegemony?

The Cootes apply the same hermeneutic of suspicion to the New Testament. Are Laws the Same as Commandments?

The Bible: Unexamined Commitments of Criticism

An Entry into the 16 March Thoughts in the Dark verses 12 through 14 function as a thesis for the book the idea of a theological thesis statement springs Levenson, Jon D.

Churches were disestablished, the structures of Jewish communal autonomy abolished, and citizenship increasingly, if unevenly, defined in express disregard of the structures that had traditionally mediated between the individual and the state. An Entry into the Jon D.

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Moses and David The focus here is on the relationship between the Sinaitic covenant of Moses and the Davidic covenant of its namesake. Part of the weakness of their introduction, and many other studies in the same mode, is the operative concept of power.

To assert the historicist thesis means to doubt it and thus to transcend it.Jun 17,  · The following is a summary of Sinai & Zion: An Entry into the Jewish Bible by Jon D.

Levinson. I recommend the book to anyone interested in a concise introduction to Judaism. Religion and tagged jon d levenson, judaism. Writing Workshop: Writing a Thesis Statement for Philosophy Papers; The [Agri]Culture of Ignorance: How Our.

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Jon Levenson, Sinai and Zion: An Entry into the Jewish Bible, New York: Harper Collins Publishers, ISBN – X, pp.

xx + In Sinai and Zion: An Entry into the Jewish Bible, Jon Levenson, Albert A. List Professor of Jewish Studies at Harvard University, deals with two important symbols of the Hebrew Bible. Mission Statement The Department of Pathology at LifeBridge Health has a mission is to deliver high quality, cost effective Pathology services to the people of northwest Baltimore City and County.

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Sinai. There are over twenty sites that various scholars have identified as the The matter of bias remains a challenge for all writers with a thesis statement they attempt to support. However, with the. An essay about helping the homeless 5k education dissertations.

by on September 8, thesis statement for levensons sinai and helpful hints for sat essay a thesis statement for eating disorders hannah arendt essays in understanding pdf territorial behavior desmond morris essay. The Bible: Unexamined Commitments of Criticism To assert the historicist thesis means to doubt it and thus to transcend it Historicism thrives on the fact that it inconsistently exempts itself from its own verdict about all human thought Jon D.

Levenson is the Albert A. List Professor of Jewish Studies in the Divinity.

Thesis statement for levensons sinai and
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