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In other words, through close collaboration with their tuition teachers, students are able to learn and Tuition is not necessary essay more effectively. A rich parent engages tuition of high quality and vice versa for the other family group.

A lot of lessons are unspoken. Whereas, most secondary school students would prefer tuition to have better understanding of the subjects since they have to grapple with six to seven subjects incomparison to the students in primary school. Eventually, the integrated group perform equally well in such a setting.

Private tuition is only necessary if the child is really weak in certain subjects. So, some students may really need extra tuition before they can grasp what is being taught. It gives children an excuse not to pay attention in class. There you have it, the top 3 reasons why home tuition is so widespread in Singapore!

Intuitive students may like to ask questions and can develop their learning much faster if they have a personal home tutor. I studied with brilliant people before and I find that they are inconsistent. Such comparisons and competitive nature, make parents plunge into decision to provide private tuition for these naive children.

The MOE has made commendable efforts to inculcate a broad-based, all-inclusive academic environment. So when my wife told me that we should have Chinese tuition for our daughter, who is in Primary 1 this year, I hesitated.

Both of these capabilities are mixed with the pool of students, in a group tuition. He is the author of a series of maths assessment books. Fear that your child is losing out to others; and fear that he or she is idling time away on weekends and during school holidays.

Some students learn faster, others may take longer.

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But it is her Chinese that needs the most help. Intense Competition and Lack of University Placings Singapore exams are not only notoriously difficult, but the competition students face is also extremely high. Both scored straight As in their exams. I find that if I pay attention in class when the teacher is teaching, it is adequate to see me through my lessons and homework.

By being selective of their students intellectual capabilities, they keep up to be the top notch tuition. The adult world is so competitive today.

They conduct diagnostic tests for students prior to their admissions. Just complete our simple order form and you could have your customised Education work in your email box, in as little as 3 hours. Is it to merely chase grades?

Their main concerns are to be one of the top tuition centers in Singapore. At the end of the day, it is the results that matter, never mind what people say. I shall give some reasons. Private tuition are mainly based on four different types of tutoring approaches such as TOP notch tutoring, group private tuition, home based tutors and tuition from government bodies.

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I did, but those grades are useless now. The answer lies in one word: Maturity helps the child to understand and accept learning as a personal need for development rather than a chore.

This is certainly advantageous to timid students as they get the opportunities to speak up and ask questions. These children are being nurtured to be competitive and academic excellence becomes their nature of learning. When having tuition, students get to learn in smaller groups or on a one-to-one basis.

Keeping this in mind, a balance has to be sought. The packed room went stone silent, and several participants later went up to the instructor for help. For us, and I suspect for many other parents out there, a more practical reason exists.

It is like in the working world. Now, he speaks like a Malay. Some of my Tuition is not necessary essay take private tuition.

If the private tutors are there they can always approach them to ask for progress.I agree that tuition is necessary for students. It is needed in order to achieve the optimum academic performance.

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Is tuition necessary? No, but how long can we hold out? Tay Hwee Peng. Assistant Foreign Editor. [email protected] Published. Nidia’s teachers say she does not need tuition. The writer. In conclusion, I have demonstrated in this essay that there are arguments to support the view that there are positives and negatives for students paying for their tuition fees.

If higher education is free or students are paying tuition fees, both can lead to many problems from the authors point. Law Is a Necessary Evil Essay LAW IS A NECESSARY EVIL A law is “a rule of conduct or procedure established by the Custom, Agreement or Authority” by which a society is governed.

Law is different from the other type of rules. If our education system is run on the basis that tuition is not necessary, then why the rise in private tuition? Do you agree? If our education system is run on the basis that tuition is not necessary, then why the rise in private tuition?

8th December Request Tutor! x. testimonials. 8th December Home; Floating Slider; 8th. This free Education essay on Essay: Singapore tuition is perfect for Education students to use as an example.

After an overview of the above situations, I realized that private tuition are not necessary for children below the age of ten years. I feel that naive children become victims of competitions and peer pressures.

Tuition is not necessary essay
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