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Gwendolyn Brooks

American Poetry Broadsides from the s. First consider the book version.

We Real Cool

Brooks put s her readers, specifically a black audience that is not limited to the no-longer-New Blacks of the sixties, to work on such questions.

But in the end, rhythm and syntax contain and finally cut off that vitality. Sims Until the We real cool line, the element of bravado in the diction and rhythm has made the activities of the street people seem somehow defensible, if not downright desirable.

It can mean that these pool players live their lives as if every day is summer, like in June, complete with all the fun of the Jazz Age.

Plus, the place they frequent is named after a tool of the gravedigger, albeit made out of precious gold, the material associated with ultimate bling. It could mean casual sex, outright violence, or even just drinking and gambling, because, back when this poem was written, drinking and gambling were also seen as fairly sinful.

As chalkboard writing, it appears in a setting familiar, if uncongenial, to the pool players. The design inverts the most pervasive printing convention of all into white lettering on a black field.

Say the "We" softly. This, as the last line of the poem, harshly discontinues the lilting alliteration and rhyming schemes. This would also add another facet of rebellion to the poem, because pre-marital sex was considered uncommon and sinful at the time the poem was written. These are people who are essentially saying, "Kilroy is here.

This can be interpreted many different ways. If the reader chooses to render the poem that way, she runs out of breath, or trips her tongue, but it seems that such "breathlessness" is exactly required of dudes hastening toward their death.

Or the writer of the broadside "We Real Cool"? In the last line it states that the seven pool players and narrator will "Die Soon", although the seven young pool players are prideful in their rebellion, they will eventually face mortality.

In the same interview Brooks explains how the poem has even been banned in some areas due to the use of the word "jazz" due to a perceived sexual nature. In eight [could be nonstop] lines, here is their total destiny. Racial tensions were at a height during the decade with civil rights leaders pushing for de-segregation in the South.

The words, in a formal linguistic sense, remain the same, but the material presentation does not. The simplicity of the poem is stark to the point of elaborateness. Deliberately subverting the romance of sociological pathos, Brooks presents the pool players--"seven in the golden shovel"--in their own words and time.

Escaping the drudgery and dullness of school and work has left the lives of these drop-outs open to many romantic possibilities. However, the tone changes dramatically when the reader learns the street people "Die soon.

By creating an unconventional relationship between ink and paper, this broadside makes that relationship legible. This gives the poem its characters and setting. That particular grace and craft are from a world outside the pool hall.

If the latter meaning is applied to the poem, "June" becomes a female or perhaps the summer of life whom the personae routinely seduce or rape; "die" thus acquires a double Elizabethan meaning of sexual climax and brevity of existence.

The mortality that Brooks addresses could be an indicator of the times that it was written in along with the fast life that the boys live in their enjoyment of skipping school, singing sin and drinking gin. They make no excuse for themselves and apparently invite no one else to do so.

We Real Cool Summary

Made up entirely of monosyllables and end-stops, the poem is no non-sense at all.“We Real Cool” Analysis. I chose to read a poem written by Gwendolyn Brooks, titled “We Real Cool”.

We Real Cool - Poem by Gwendolyn Brooks

The poem is from the perspective of a group of seven pool players, and it’s about living fast and dying young. Free Essay: Poetry Essay “We Real Cool”, Gwendolyn Brooks The poem “We Real Cool” is a very powerful poem, although expressed with very few words.

To me. Complete summary of Gwendolyn Brooks' We Real Cool. eNotes plot summaries cover all the significant action of We Real Cool. Seven pool players at the Golden Shovel are immortalized in eight skinny.

THE POOL PLAYERS. SEVEN AT THE GOLDEN SHOVEL. We real cool. We Left school. We Lurk late. We Strike straight. We Sing. We real cool. We Left school. We Lurk late. We Strike straight. We Sing sin. We Thin gin. We Jazz June. We Die soon. Compare two presentations of "We Real Cool" by Gwendolyn Brooks: first, the single most widely accessible edition of the poem, on a page of her Selected Poems published by Harper & Row, and second on the broadside published by Broadside Press.

We real cool
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